A Street Food Journey

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The street food bubble is definitely growing at an alarming rate. People are more open minded now; they want great food at affordable prices and are more willing to try new flavours than ever before.

 The street food revolution is here and many are seizing the opportunities that are available in the street food industry. But what was their journey? How did they arrive at the heart of this booming industry?

 We all arrived here in different ways and for different reasons. The best, however, have one focus; creating fantastic food.

 This is our story…our journey into being part of something of which we are extremely proud:

 It all began in 1967 when Niang Deethwa (or ‘little one’ as she was then known) began her culinary journey.

 At the tender age of 5, Niang, at her mother’s side, watched and learnt how to prepare and cook secret family recipes, to be served at the local market in Surin, Thailand.  An immensely competitive market; where only the very best survived. Local Thai’s will not part with the hard earned money unless they are being served food of which is too good to refuse.

By the age of just 6, Niang began learning to cook Thailand’s signature Green Curry recipe (with a secret family twist) that had been gratefully handed down through generations of Deethwas.  These recipes would one day become the heart and soul of her own, much loved menu.

After the passing of  her mother,  Niang now prepared the whole menu on her own. She was a mere 11 years old by this time and already was developing quite a reputation in the kitchen.

 By the time Niang was 23, she had a ‘little one’ of her own;  Sai was 3 when she first came to England with her Mother, Niang. Cooking was all Niang knew. It was her greatest asset and it wasn’t long before the streets of Gloucester were eating Niang’s Food. 

 Sai watched in admiration, pleasure and wonder whenever her mother cooked turning the most unlikely of ingredients into her new favourite dish! Sai became obsessed with food; she only read recipe books and her favourite chef’s were the likes of Rick Stein,Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Keith Floyd . Sai also had a great love for the idea of foraging and Ray Mears also became someone that she respected.

 In 2012 Sai (now a social worker) was persuaded to apply for Masterchef to pursue her love of cooking. 20 000 people applied. Sai made it to the final 24. This gave her the courage to begin a career in the food industry.

 Using everything she had learnt about Thai food from her mother, Sai began to develop the secret family recipes handed down through generations of her family. During that same year Sai began to sell her own Thai street food across the UK receiving a chorus of rave reviews.

 ‘Cooking is my greatest passion and my food reflects that.  We hope you enjoy every mouthful’ Sai 2012

 That’s our story. What’s yours?

 Written by James Fitzgibbons

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