10 Thai Dishes You Must Try

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 10 Thai dishes you have to try…

Thai food wasn’t something that I’d eaten a lot of before Sai and I had met. Sure, I’d eaten Thai food before…but when I got to spend more time with Sai’s family and eat true Thai home cooking, I quickly learnt what it was all about.

To some, it may seem like jumble of flavours masked with a lot of spice but it’s that complexity of flavours that Thai’s love. The intricacy of ingredients that combine to give every mouthful a muay thai kick of spicy, sweet, sour and salt. When these flavours are combined at the right balance, Thai food is damn good!

Don’t forget though, texture is just as important too! Thai’s love to bring textures to complete a dish. Adding crunch is especially favoured, whether it be from raw vegetables or roasted rice.

Like with all countries, the cooking methods vary from region to region. Not every dish is spicy and believe it or not, not all Thai cooks use fish sauce. Sai’s family in Surin, haven’t used it in any cooking for three generations. Yep, three. The premise in Thai cooking, regardless of ingredients remains the same; balance.

Next time you eat Thai, try looking out for the elements which make Thai food an adventure for the senses!

Here’s my top ten…

  1. KAO TOM GAI (Chicken and Rice Soup) breakfast the Thai way. 1501284_747591075339250_7827737851036333501_oMost commonly eaten at breakfast time, this dish is better than any porridge. What better way to ‘break’ the ‘fast’ of the night than waking up to a bowl of steaming rice soup? We like to add fried garlic, chilli, spring onions, Chinese celery and ginger to garnish. If you need a sour kick, add some distilled vinegar.   9. Sticky Rice with Mango and CoconutmangoThis is such a simple Thai desert. I love it! It’s a common home style dish not always on restaurant menus…this is one you can cook at home…garnish with coconut shavings, toasted sesame seeds and mint. Simple.  8. Stir Fried Chilli ClamsclamsA popular Thai dish fried with Chilli and Basil. I love this dish, mainly because we eat it as a midnight feast. There’s something more enjoyable about eating from a shared plate and using your fingers. Thai people eat in a similar way to how the Spanish eat Tapas, everyone indulges at their own pace, eating a little at a time from plates in the middle of the table. It’s more social.  
    1. Thai Green Currygreen-curry-thai-event-hire

    The most famous Thai Green is popular for a reason…yes it’s a cliché but it’s delicious. Everyone cooks this differently. We give it texture with Bamboo Strips and Butternut Squash.    

    6. Thai Sweet Corn Fritters with sweet chilli dipping sauce.sweet

    When we tried to sell these at Trinity Kitchen we had to take them off the menu. Why? Because we couldn’t make them fast enough! Need we say more?!  

    1. Thai Fish cakes
    thai wedding food

    thai food wedding event hire

    These really are a labour of love. Sai’s mum used to knead them by hand for her markets. She was a machine! Thankfully we have a huge mixer to mix it for us now. So many places get these wrong. It’s the bouncy texture we aim for, coupled with the spice that is perfectly balanced by the cucumber and vinegar. Yes please!  

    1. Thai Beef Saladbeef

    A salad that consists mainly of Beef! It’s seriously the best salad I’ve ever eaten bar none.

    Lime, palm sugar, shallots, chilli, Beef…its heaven. 

    1. Slow cooked Pork Panangpanang

    Our most popular curry packs a punch! The meat is melt in the mouth and the lime leaves make it aromatic. The blend of spices give it a depth that will leave you tasting it for hours. We have used this curry as inspiration for our Chicken Chilli and Lime Leaf curry which has been very popular. 

    1. Grilled Chicken Som Tam and Sticky Rice.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    You will see this everywhere in Thailand, it’s their version of fast food. Good as a snack or as a main meal. It’s simple but like all of our favourite thai dishes, delivers big time on taste.  

    1. Grampies Secret Recipe Chicken with Asian Slawjungle

    This Recipe was created by Sai’s ‘Grampy’ and is one that I am still yet to find out! He used to cook it the old fashioned way, with a tin can in it’s cavity, lay some hay over the top and the hay is set alight. The result is the most incredibly moist chicken you’ve ever tasted. The meat is marinated in garlic, salt, pepper, soy sauce and a whole array of herbs and spices that I am not allowed to divulge, even if I knew.






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