Starting a Street Food Business

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Starting a Street Food Business


Starting your own business is something many of us want to do but few are actually fortunate enough to be able to do it. Furthermore, those that do take the plunge, are likely to fail within their first year. On average around 6 out of 10 new businesses in any sector fails within the first three years.

The odds are stacked against us, so why would we take the plunge? Why should we take the risk?

We wanted to be our own bosses. I’ve always had a problem with being told what to do; I LOVED teaching to begin with but it became so prescriptive towards the end, jumping through hoops and ticking boxes. I was unhappy and knew I wanted only to answer only to myself. Sai was an exceptional social worker but she felt the same as I. The job was not what she had imagined and we both decided this was the right decision.

It’s not an exact science, but these few words of advice, could help you along the way.

1. Have passion

The most important and obvious rule. When you’ve got the fire in your belly for what you love, you’ll always go the extra mile.

2. Develop your skill

Your food has to be really good. You’re next to chefs who are cooking amazing food all around you. Best advice; Specialise. Some of the most successful street food traders only sell one dish.

3. Work hard

People are wrong if they think we’ve just plodded along and hey presto, we’ve just achieved everything by luck. We work long hours and survive on minimal sleep and anxiety is our new best friend. Make no mistake the journey is treacherous.


4. Take risks!

Enter competitions! Spend money! It’s scary, makes you sweat but when they work out, it’s great!


5. Continuous improvement

There’s no resting on your laurels. Do this and you might as well start waving to all the people steaming ahead of you still grafting.

6. Work on your product, branding and presentation

It’s got to smell good, look good, taste good. It’s got to be awesome.


7. Use your Experience

‘knowledge is power’ but the only source of knowledge is experience. Sai’s family have made a living from food for generations and my father, his father and his father were butchers so I have never been far away from good meat.

Now our future is undetermined, who knows what it holds? That’s the exciting part. We’re no longer stood at the shore, safe and comfortable watching other ships sail. We are sailing our own. We may sink but the possibility of reaching Branson’s Necker island is too much to resist.

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