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Thai Street Food Venues

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Where to find our Thai Street Food

We are very proud to be part of Brum Yum Yum and Digbeth Dining Club which are 2 fantastic street food events in our hometown!

Brum Yum Yum in KingshEATh

Combining quality food, drink, and entertainment perfectly to create the perfect FREE day out. Putting kingshEATh on the map!!!

Find out more:   www.brumyumyum.com
Dates to see us there:  Second Saturday of each month 12 noon -6pm.
Location address:  Kingsheath B14 7RA

Digbeth Dining Club

Voted best street food event in the UK, showcases 5 traders every Friday 5.30pm till late, serving up the best of brum. All this is combined with great DJs and a place to dance! Definitely not to be missed! Traders are rotated here so check out our twitter page to find out when we are there.

Find out more:   www.digbethdiningclub.co.uk
Dates to see us there:  Every Friday, 5.30pm till late
Location address:  Spot*light, Unit 2 (opp. Air Nightclub), Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth, B9 4AG

 Brindley Place

Look out for the summer Friday markets (run by Sketts) providing the offices of Brindley place with a proper Friday lunch!

Find out more:   http://www.sketts.co.uk/
Dates to see us there:  Runs from May to September on the last Friday of every month – 2016
Location address:  Brindley Place Birmingham B1 2JF

Seasonal Markets

An urban Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Market with a wide selection of street food, food produce, arts, craft ale, cocktails, beer & wine tasting, DJs and more…
Find out more: www.seasonalmarkets.co.uk/
Dates to see us there:  16th April, 1st Oct, December 3rd – 2016
Location address:  Th Bond Company, Fazely Street, Digbeth

Menu Example


  • Vegetable Thai Spring roll
    Satisfying crunchy snack. Filled with cabbage, carrots, shitake mushrooms and glass noodles
  • Served with our homemade sweet and sour sauce
  • Thai Fish Cake
    The fish cake that packs a punch. Salmon, Kaffir lime leaves green beans and chilli.
  • Served with our home made cucumber and red onion relish

Main Meals

  • Thai Green Chicken Curry
    Including jasmine rice
  • The most famous Thai dish combining sweet, salty and spicy flavours. Chicken, green beans, bamboo shoots and pumpkin.
  • Marinated Crispy Chicken In Batter
    Including lightly spiced veg noodles
  • Succulent chicken breast marinated in Thai herbs and then coated in a crisp batter. Served with homemade sweet and sour sauce. Always a favourite.
  • Slow Cooked Beef Massaman
    Including jasmine rice
  • Otherwise known as ‘the king’ of all curries. Sykes house farm beef slow cooked in a massaman sauce using our secret blend of spices.


  • Spicy Pork Panang
    Including jasmine rice
  • Slow cooked shoulder of pork with fresh chilli and kaffir lime leaves. For REAL spice lovers.
  • Vegan Yellow Curry
    Including jasmine rice
  • A creamy comforting curry with roasted cumin and coriander seeds, butternut squash, bamboo shoots courgettes broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Southern Thai Yellow Chicken Curry
    Including jasmine rice.
  • Hailing from the south of Thailand this curry is sunshine on a plate. Succulent Sykes house farm chicken breast with bamboo shoots in our signature south Thai yellow curry sauce.
  • Lightly Spiced Vegetable Noodles
    A warming and tasty vegetarian option. Noodles, chilli, red and green peppers, spring onions, carrot, and beansprouts.