Birmingham (B1 to B38), (B72 to B76), (B42 to B47), (B62 to B68), (B90 to B92)
Stourbridge DY2, DY5,DY6,DY8 & DY9

JUST ADDED B40, B48, B60, B61 AND DY10, DY7

If you fall outside of these areas we may still be able to deliver. please check with us by emailing your address to buddhabellyorders@gmail.com

We are a small Team of 3 people who all have different roles meaning your food will prepared while being able to adhere to social distancing rules. We have our own commercial kitchen that is only used by us. We have a 5 Star Hygiene Rating.
All orders will be left at the door step, we will ring your door bell or knock your door and we will leave your order at the door unattended and note the time of delivery. The reason for this is due to guidelines for social distancing set forth by the government.
If you live in an apartment we will follow the above process. However, we will not enter your building under any circumstances but we will wait for answer before we leave your food or call you before we leave your food. If there is no answer we will leave your order at your main door unattended.

Yes, minimum order amount is £17 excluding delivery.

The delivery day(s) will be posted on our social Media Pages each week.

Our meal packs will be delivered cold and hold a 3 day fridge shelf life. All meals can be frozen.